The javascripts didnt loaded eventhough I can open it directly via web browser.

I want lớn import hàng hóa in my Woocommerce site using builtin import functionality.When I run the importer, the progress bar didnt move even though I only imported 1 row of product. After I xuất hiện the console, there are error "Failed lớn load resource: the hệ thống responded with a status of 403"when loading the wc-product-import.min.js. But, I can xuất hiện the script directly when I use "Open in new Tab".

How khổng lồ fix this problem?

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a 403 HTTP status error indicates that the request was understood, but will not fullfill the request because the requested asset is "forbidden".

This is most likely an issue with your .htaccess file, or a permissions issue within your wordpress installation. Try to delete the .htaccess tệp tin that is in your root folder. Then, log in to lớn your wordpress dashboard, go to lớn Settings -> Permalinks, and then just simply click Save Changes. This will generate a new .htaccess for your wordpress installation.


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