Fix Nvidia Display Settings Are Not Available Error


Not my video, but it will help you figure out what exactly you should do.

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Method #2: Repair and Reset NVidia control panel

Before uninstalling and reinstalling NVidia graphics thẻ drivers, let’s try lớn reset và repair the NVidia control panel application.To vày this, navigate lớn your search bar and type “Add or remove program” và click on the available option. You should see a small tìm kiếm bar, click on it và type NVidia.Click on the Nvidia control panel & then click on “Advanced options“.

Advanced options of NVIDIA Control Panel

Now navigate at the bottom, and you should see the two options ( Repair and Reset).
First click on the repair button, and once done click on the reset button.First perform a repair & then Reset.Now you can check if you can xuất hiện the NVidia control panel or you are still getting the error “NVIDIA Display settings are not available.” If you are still getting the same error, please move to the next method.

Method #3: Disable and Re-Enable your NVidia GPU

This method is simple but very effective. Many users online have reported fixing the “NVIDIA Display settings are not available” error by just disabling và reenabling the graphics thẻ from the device manager of Windows.To vì chưng that, go to your search bar và type “Device Manager” and click on it. Look for Display adapters và click on the small arrow, here you should be able to lớn see your NVidia graphics card listed.Right-click on it & select Properties, & then on the new window, navigate to lớn the Driver tab.
Click on Disable device, wait for 10 seconds and then click on Enable Device to re-enable it.

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Disable and then Re-enable

Method #4: Driver Update via Device Manager

Follow the same steps as mentioned in the 3rd method, but this time instead of Disabling the Device, we will update it.So, click on Update Driver, & a new window will show up. Choose the option khổng lồ update automatically. If you get a message saying that you already have installed the latest driver on your computer, move to lớn the next method. If a new driver has been installed, restart your computer and kiểm tra if the error is solved.

Method #5: Uninstall / Manually install NVidia GPU Driver

The difference between this method và the above one is that we will manually choose and install the driver. Before we start downloading and installing the NVidia GPU driver, we want to pause Windows updates because there is a chance that Windows will automatically download and install a driver for your graphics card.Go to Windows Updates và click on Pause updates for 7 days.
Navigate to lớn device manager just lượt thích we did on the two previous steps, go khổng lồ your graphics card’s properties, và navigate khổng lồ the Driver tab. Now click on Uninstall Driver và let it finish the process.
Once the process is completed, you have khổng lồ download the latest driver for your graphics card. You can either download the GeForce Experience software or manually download the exact driver you need.To tải về the needed driver, visit NVidia’s official website, complete the khung with your graphics card mã sản phẩm and details & click on “Start search” There will be a các mục with the latest driver available for the specific graphics card. Download the latest one and install it.Alternatively, download the GeForce Experience software, install it, & it will automatically find the latest driver for your graphics card. All you will have to do is to lớn click install inside the software.Once you have installed the latest driver, just restart your computer.