Excel Cannot Open The File Because The Extension Is Not Valid

The mặc định file format of an Excel worksheet is XLSX and whenever the user opens any file, then it is opened with the same extension. Sometimes, when the user ties to lớn open the sheet, then an unwanted error stops the file from opening. The error does not recognize the extension of file. It says, ‘Excel cannot open the tệp tin ‘(filename)’.xlsx because the tệp tin format for the file extension is not valid.

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There is always a number associated with such errors, khổng lồ find that number press “Ctrl+Shift+I” và you’ll find “101590” at the lower-right corner of this message. There could be the following reasons behind this error;

The Excel file is corrupt orThe Excel tệp tin is not compatible with the version of MS Excel you’re using.

There are various Excel errors và ways lớn fix them, & this error can also be fixed easily. In this article, we have sầu mentioned some of the useful methods to solve sầu this error.

Change the Extension of The WorksheetMany times, this error occurs due to lớn the unsupported tệp tin extension of your file. So, make sure that MS Excel in your system supports the .xlsx extension. To check the tư vấn of .xlsx extension;open MS Excel and go khổng lồ “File.”Now, select “Export” và choose “Change File Type.”


Cheông xã whether it is showing the option of .xlsx or not. If not, then change the extension of the tệp tin. To change the extension, go to lớn my computer và browse “Tools.” Now, choose the “View” tab & enable “File Name Extension.”


After enabling the “File Name Extension,” you can change the extension of any tệp tin.Using “Open and Repair” Feature of MS ExcelThe “xuất hiện and Repair” feature of Excel allows you khổng lồ repair the corrupted excel files. To repair a .xlsx file with this feature;xuất hiện MS Excel và Go khổng lồ “File” Menu.Now, select the “Open” tab & clichồng on “Browse.”Choose the tệp tin which you want to open, but instead of opening the file directly, choose “Open and Repair” option from the below right side of the opened window:

From this feature, you can easily repair and open the corrupted .xlsx files.

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Kernel for Excel Repair SoftwareIf none of the above methods helps in solving the problem, then try using Kernel Excel Repair software. This tool can help you repair corrupt excel files & make your worksheet accessible immediately. This utility offers some great features lớn solve sầu your query, such as;Repairing of both .xls và .xlsx tệp tin formats.No tệp tin form size limitation.Compatibility with all versions of Excel – including MS Excel năm nhâm thìn.Pnhận xét of recovered files before saving.Quiông chồng và easy lớn use.

For better understanding, let’s have a look at the working process of this tool.Using Kernel Excel Repair is very simple. The user-interface of this tool is specially designed keeping the usability of users in mind. Follow these steps khổng lồ use the tool:

A window will appear on the screen, now “Browse” the Excel file which you want to lớn repair with this tool và click “Repair” lượt thích this:


The repairing process will take a few seconds (depending on the file size). Once the tệp tin is repaired, you’ll be able khổng lồ see all its content, like this:


You can save the tệp tin at the desired location on the computer. Just click the “Save” button & select the location where you want lớn save it.

This way you can easily access the data of your corrupted .xlsx tệp tin.

Final Words

“Excel cannot open the tệp tin ‘(filename)’.xlsx because the file format for tệp tin extension is not valid” is a comtháng error that any user can face while opening a .xlsx file. With the help of the above sầu methods, this error can easily be resolved without affecting the integrity of the tệp tin.